Cooperators everywhere can view online presentations and research delivered at major international cooperative meetings held in late 2012. The International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec City, the pre-summit “Imagine” gathering, and a Manchester, England forum that concluded the International Year of Cooperatives, all generated stimulating research and thoughtful presentations.

For an introduction to some of these new resources, here are recommendations and links from the conclusion of a full-length report by Patricia Cumbie that appears in the Jan.-Feb. 2013 issue of Cooperative Grocer:

The Imagine conference presentations are available at the imagine2012 website, and all of them are good.  I would especially recommend Richard Wilkinson’s research, “Inequality:  The enemy between us?” and Dr. Ronald Colman’s Genuine Progress Index, which shows how to measure intangibles such as the progress of positive impacts (green practices, for example) in financial and annual reporting.

The Declaration of the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives: presented at the ICA General Assembly in Manchester, England, and delivered to the United Nations.

Imagine 2012 contribution to the ICA Declaration (pdf)

Videos of special moments from the International Summit

Co-op Grocer Magazine

The Cooperative Grocer Magazine archives are being made available through support of Columinate.  For decades the Cooperative Grocers’ Network (CGN), formerly the Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network (CGIN), published the premiere print magazine for co-op grocers in the US and Canada.  In 2019 CGN went out of business and Columinate stepped in to support the online archives the entire 30-year history of Cooperative Grocer Magazine.

CGN provided many valuable resources for the cooperative grocer community and we have begun to try and fill the gap left by CGN’s closing.  We now offer the Columinate Job Board, to replace the job board previously hosted at