Study Guide for Cooperative Values:  Fostering Racial and Economic Equity in Cooperatives

Discussing each principle and value through the lens of racial and economic equity will provide a starting point for promoting a more inclusive and effective movement. This is a resource for boards of directors, management teams, and study groups who especially want to explore the impact of dominate white culture on co-ops, and who want to find a way to create a dialogue to [...]

Marilyn’s Pyramid of Participation

Marilyn Scholl, Manager CDS Consulting Co-op   Putney, VT   We can apply some very basic psychological frameworks to our work in growing Participation to help us really understand how our members interact with their Cooperative. Marilyn Scholl tells us how.

Imagination Matters

Brett Fairbairn, Fellow in Cooperative Thought & Ideas [bio] Centre for the Study of Cooperatives at University of Saskatchewan   Saskatoon, SK, Canada   "Change is the new normal", says Professor Fairbairn.  And it's up to us and our imaginations to stay on top of all this change.  By considering cooperative ventures as both enterprises and associations, we can think about adapting nimbly to both [...]

Orientation to Development: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages

Learning objectives: the Food Co-op 500 Development Model: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages how the four cornerstones can be developed through the start up process the importance, the sequence and the road map offered by the three stages Related links: Click here for article on the Four Cornerstones in Three Stages model Click here for information the Cooperative Principles