The Cooperative Movement

Everyone Welcome? Personal Narratives about Race and Food Co-ops

By Jade Barker and Patricia Cumbie We believe that now is a critical time to engage our cooperative community in important conversations about racism and oppression. Everyone Welcome? Personal Narratives about Race and Food Co-ops presents a variety of perspectives on what can be done to make food co-ops more racially inclusive. Fifteen co-operators from a variety of backgrounds — class, gender, race, ethnicity, [...]

Stories of Courageous Leaders

Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee Ann Hoyt tells a tale of three of her top picks for people that displayed courageous leadership in the face of impossible odds.  Hear about the work of Abraham Shadid, Carol Greewald and David Smith.  She believes "the ability to act rightly" in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, discouragement and personal loss defines the core of courageous [...]

Share Values and Grow Communities

Kevin Edberg, Executive Director Cooperative Development Services St. Paul, MN   The cooperative principles gives us a competitive advantage and a raison d'etre. Mr. Edberg challenges the viewers to think about applying our deep comitment to the co-op values to the wider society we live in.

The Co-operative Decade: Why Participation Matters

Hear directly from the ICA President about the undeniable importance of Participation in building the success of the Cooperative Movement. Dame Green discusses the role of Participation as one of the components of a successful cooperative decade as laid out in the ICA's Blueprint For a Cooperative Decade.  

The We / Me Cycle

Walden Swanson, Business Intelligence Analyst CoopMetrics + CDS Consulting Co-op   Andover, MA   In this talk Walden shares with us his latest findings, and the subject of a forthcoming research paper, on the sales trends of co-op businesses across decades. What he has uncovered in the data is fascinating and Mr. Swanson believes, that if true, could help co-ops a great deal.

IYC 2012 and Beyond: The Cooperative Decade

Charles Gould, Director-General International Cooperative Alliance   Geneva, Switzerland   Mr. Gould is looking a little further out than 2012.  He sees IYC as a springboard into growing the cooperative business model for decades to come.

Co-op Connections II

Paul Hazen, CEO, National Cooperative Business Association (and UN International Year of the Cooperative) Charles Gould, Director General, International Cooperative Alliance Robynn Shrader, CEO, National Cooperative Grocers Association (and NCGA DC) Stuart Reid, Executive Director,  Food Co-op Initiative Marilyn Scholl, Manager, CDS Consulting Co-op Kevin Edberg, Executive Director, Cooperative Development Services (and Cooperation Works)   Watch the full presentation online right here! - or - Skip to a specific question: [...]