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Creating a Development Budget: Sources and Uses

Learning objectives: the process and format for creating initial drafts of a Sources & Uses Development Budget how the Sources & Uses budget can be integrated with the three stages of the start-up process how CDS consulting services can guide the creation and modification of a Sources & Uses budget. the relationship of the Sources & Uses budget to the financial pro forma - [...]

Orientation to Development: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages

Learning objectives: the Food Co-op 500 Development Model: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages how the four cornerstones can be developed through the start up process the importance, the sequence and the road map offered by the three stages Related links: Click here for article on the Four Cornerstones in Three Stages model Click here for information the Cooperative Principles

Evaluating feasibility and planning for success

This presentation will help you to understand what needs to be in place for a new food co-op to succeed and how to plan your organizing and development efforts effectively.