Co-op Connections II

Co-op Connections II

Joel Kopischke | 17-10-2011

Paul HazenCEO, National Cooperative Business Association (and UN International Year of the Cooperative)
Charles GouldDirector General, International Cooperative Alliance
Robynn ShraderCEO, National Cooperative Grocers Association (and NCGA DC)
Stuart ReidExecutive Director,  Food Co-op Initiative
Marilyn SchollManager, CDS Consulting Co-op
Kevin EdbergExecutive Director, Cooperative Development Services (and Cooperation Works)


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1.  Intro + Q1: What was your first experience with cooperatives?

2.  Q2: Why are co-ops more resilient as a business model?

3.  Q3: How can existing co-ops support startups?

4.  Q4: How can co-ops join in celebrating the International Year of the Co-op: 2012?

5.  Bonus Question:  Vision for a more cooperative world + Closing

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