Brian McDermott

Brian McDermott

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Brian McDermott

Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Organization and Operations Development

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Engaging stakeholders to generate new ideas; while making better decisions faster
  • Creating and implementing action plans that earn commitment and buy-in when they hear leaders say, “Employees are our most important asset”
  • Innovating solutions encouraging creativity, change management, personal development, coaching, team-building, and organizational development


  • Designed and facilitated custom processes – for strategic planning, long-term visioning, operations planning, organizational development, team building, staff development, growth planning, staff and community engagement, and process improvement
  • Worked with leadership team to build a growth-focused culture by helping address fears about losing sight of core mission and values
  • Designed and facilitated a vision, strategy, and process improvement project with a hospital patient care director and leadership team for improving patient safety and satisfaction and the workplace experience
  • Worked with a university senior management team on clarifying and aligning its purpose, roles, scope of responsibility, and individual priorities with executive leadership

I have worked with Brian and his partner Gerry Sexton while representing two non-profits – the American Lung Association of the Atlantic Coast and AARP Virginia. In both cases they brought my level of achievement to new heights. We brought together a wide range of leaders to assess public health problems and commit to solutions. Brian and Gerry are skilled at designing and facilitating a process to meet the outcomes you are looking for. With their genius and my vision we did great things together. I will hire them again!

David DeBiasi, Associate State Director-Advocacy at AARP

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