Brian McDermott

Brian McDermott

Brian McDermott

Facilitator and Chief Storyteller

[email protected]

Areas of Expertise:

  • Facilitation; strategic planning; change management; vision and mission work; and organization, operations, and leadership development
  • Helping leaders and teams create and implement strategies and commitments for change, improvement, and innovation
  • Engaging stakeholders at all levels in meaningful and creative work to build clarity, alignment and buy-in about strategic and tactical roles and goals

The wisdom is in the room. When teams come together there’s an amazing amount of skill, knowledge, talent, and experience. My job: Help make the most of the time, money, and energy you invest being together – to help create and implement strategies and commitment for change, improvement, and innovation.

— Brian McDermott


  • Designing and facilitating custom processes – for strategic planning, long-term visioning, operations planning, organizational development, team building, staff development, growth planning, staff and community engagement, and process improvement
  • Working with leadership team to build purpose- and business-focused cultures
  • Designing and facilitating processes to develop visions, strategies, and improvement projects for improving customer satisfaction
  • Clients have included co-ops, universities, healthcare facilities, for-profit and nonprofit companies throughout the United States and internationally

I have worked with Brian and his partner Gerry Sexton while representing two non-profits – the American Lung Association of the Atlantic Coast and AARP Virginia. In both cases they brought my level of achievement to new heights. We brought together a wide range of leaders to assess public health problems and commit to solutions. Brian and Gerry are skilled at designing and facilitating a process to meet the outcomes you are looking for. With their genius and my vision we did great things together. I will hire them again!

David DeBiasi, Associate State Director-Advocacy at AARP

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