Rebecca Torpie

Rebecca Torpie

Rebecca Torpie

Marketing & Communications

[email protected]
(917) 292-9003

Areas of Expertise:

  • Marketing team organization and assessments
  • Marketing and communication plan development
  • Brand assessments
  • Marketing manager coaching and support
  • Bringing the board’s voice into the marketing plan


  • Developed new department systems and processes to maximize efficiencies and improve communication with operations and overall output as interim marketing manager
  • Co-developed a co-op based customer service training program focused on building rapport with owners and future owners. Program was designed to empower teams to speak confidently about the co-op model
  • Marketing Manager at BriarPatch Food Co-op in Grass Valley, California

Rebecca listens intently and brings her inquisitive spirit to the dialogue.

Gail Graham, General Manager, Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op

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