Cooperative Cafe Videos

Cooperative Cafe Videos

Columinate | 02-06-2014

There are lots of great short videos now available in the CBLDLibrary from the March 2014 Cooperative Cafes that focused on Participation: Own, Use, Serve and Belong. Visit the CBLD Library to watch the great roundup videos from recent Cooperative Cafes, which provide key takeaways from the focused conversations of the day. Or browse the whole collection!

Below are some of the recent additions from the March 2014 Cafes:

Michael Healy, Marilyn Scholl, Leslie Watson, Pat Cumbie, Dame Pauline Green, Tom Mattox, CE Pugh, Robynn Shrader, Steve Maviglio, Emily Lippold-Cheney, Dale Woodbeck, Suzi Carter, Michelle Schry, Sean Dowle, Kevin Edberg, Kim Coontz, Shawn Furst, Dan Arnett, John Sheffer,

All these videos are short and engaging. Watch them with your board as a great way to kick off a strategic conversation in your co-op. Check them out!

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