Crisis Communication For Co-ops

Crisis Communication For Co-ops

Columinate | 05-18-2015

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  • Nobody likes to prepare for the possibility of dealing with a crisis in the media, but as more food cooperatives step into the limelight, it can happen to even the best of organizations.  Greater visibility in the community means being even more proactive about the story your co-op tells.  Steve Maviglio is a communications expert who is also on the board of directors of Sacramento Natural Foods in Sacramento, Calif.  This video is jam-packed with his excellent advice for preparing for a positive relationship with the press, as well as how to handle a crisis.  Maviglio shares strategies for establishing trust and credibility and telling the story on your own terms.  “Owners are your most important audience,” Maviglio said.  “When talking to the media, talk first to your owners.”

    Maviglio also discusses the need for preparation, including having a press release and being active on social media.  Reporters like details, he said, “It’s your job to give them the good facts.”  Ultimately, the co-op wants to be the ‘trusted source’ in all its media relations.  “Often a relationship with a reporter is a long-term thing,” he said, and the co-op will want to cultivate that with a strategy, facts and preparation.  This video is a great place to start.

    “Owners are your most important audience.”—Steve Maviglio, director, Sacramento Natural Foods and proprietor of Forza Communications, Sacramento, Calif.

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