GM Compensation Database

GM Compensation Database

  |  March 31, 2013

Working with Carolee Colter and CoMetrics, and in ­collaboration with the National Co+op Grocers, the Columinate CBLD team has designed an easy-to-use database for general managers to input compensation information and retrieve summarized reports. The system has been designed to ensure confidentiality of personal information and yet provide useful co-op general manager salary comparisons for use in compensation ­proposals for the board.

The survey is ready for general managers to input their data; the reporting feature will be available when enough data has been put into the system to pull a useful report and to ensure confidentiality.

This database is an example of cooperation among co-ops! Many boards require their general managers to include co-op manager pay rates as part of their compensation proposals. By adding your compensation information, you’ll save other GMs from duplicated effort and enhance the value of the database for all co-op general managers.

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