Great Idea: Advance Grievance Policy Preparation

Great Idea: Advance Grievance Policy Preparation

Columinate | 02-07-2011

kelsi-swanson-200v2At food co-ops, having a grievance can be a rare occurrence. It may not ever happen. But for those who have ever felt the sting of a grievance, preparation is key. That’s why many experts recommend having policies in place—just in case. In 2009 CDSConsulting Co-op member Carolee Colter assembled a task force combining board, manager and employee perspectives to create a cooperative model grievance procedure for food co-ops to help them prepare for dealing with a grievance.

At Open Harvest in Lincoln, Neb., Kelsi Swanson was a new general manager when an employee filed a grievance against one of the management team’s members. This was the only grievance ever filed in the co-op’s 36-year history. She said they’d had an existing grievance policy, but it was outdated. As she went through the grievance process in December 2010, she learned the co-op needed new forms, rules for filing, a confidentiality code, and clarity around how employees can file.

She used the model procedure created by the task force as well as other co-op policies to help her craft one for Open Harvest. “I felt like it taught me a lot right away,” she said. Not only that, Swanson said, a grievance can present challenges for internal and external public relations. A clear-cut grievance procedure can also help with giving people a process for maintaining confidentiality, to keep rumors from circulating.

Swanson said that she knows her co-op, and others, like to go above and beyond for their staff to keep them satisfied. Yet, a grievance is always a possibility. “It’s always a what-if. You can’t predetermine whether it will happen, but it is of huge importance for the rights of employees to have an avenue for complaints.”

At Bloomingfoods Market & Deli in Bloomington, Ind., they had recently adopted the cooperative model grievance procedure, when an employee filed a grievance. The employee had let general manager George Huntington know after it was settled that he believed the procedure the co-op followed was “excellent” and that it followed good communication process. “I am glad we had the grievance policy template to use as a resource. We didn’t expect to have to need it right away, and then to have the all parties feel like the process was handled fairly was an even greater bonus,” said Huntington.

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