Real Leaders Stand by Their People

Real Leaders Stand by Their People

Patricia Cumbie | 03-30-2009

Our employees create value for our food co-op shareholders and customers by listening to their concerns and meeting their needs. During a recession, it might be easy to overlook the workforce as one of the co-op’s key assets to building a better future, especially if labor lines creep higher than what is sustainable.

In some cases it’s necessary to take drastic measures to survive, but most human resources experts think that proactive leadership is a much better process for surviving economic downturns in business: Lead and educate. Listen. Tell people what you know about how the business is doing. Work together so everyone can contribute to achieving goals. Let staff know you appreciate their efforts. Once the crisis has passed, strong operations continue to enhance those communication tools to keep staff focused on the future.

As food cooperators grapple with how to do this in a changing economy, we are so pleased to announce that Carolee Colter and Mary Courteau have joined the CDS Consulting Co-op team. Both women have had a tremendous impact on countless food co-ops around the country through their human resource expertise and co-op development capacity. We count ourselves fortunate that we can build a team of consultants equal to the excellent cooperatives we serve.

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