CBL 101

CBL 101

Mar 07 | Portland, Oregon

Foundations for Board Governance - Cooperative Board Leadership 101

The CBL 101 for newly elected directors, board candidates, general managers (GM) and GM successors creates a solid foundation so that boards and managers have shared understanding of roles and responsibilities, co-op principles and values, cooperative governance and financial condition of the co-op. The day provides a strong foundation for directors by covering these topics: Cooperative principles, values and history, legal roles and responsibilities, cooperative governance, financial understanding using the balance sheet.

Who should attend: While especially helpful for those new to co-op boards, all directors, candidates, general managers and successors are welcome to attend.

With the CBL 101 built into your co-op’s orientation plan, the session provides value both in the short term for those attending each session, and in the long term by maintaining a shared foundation for your board as directors come and go.

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