Co-op Cafe

Co-op Cafe

Feb 29 | Sacramento, California

RESILIENCE. In our dynamic markets, change is inevitable — and let’s face it, change is stressful. There’s incremental change, from labor efficiencies to pricing, and then there’s disruptive change, such as unforeseen cultural dialogue. At the 2020 Co-op Cafe series, we will work together to understand, analyze, and support cooperative resilience thinking. Join us to understand how to not just survive change, but to thrive in it, prospering from your bottom line to your community stewardship. Bring a bus or van full of people from all roles in your co-op to a Co-op Cafe. We’ll focus on resilience by learning to increase your co-op’s adaptive capacity. Play with scenarios, unpack concepts, hear from experts. Through interactive activities and powerful conversations, we’ll suss out skills and insights that you can immediately put into practice. Expect high-level thinking boiled down to everyday action: seek diverse inputs; build in fire breaks; embrace data with a fierce urgency; embrace adhocracy. Join us for a 2020 Co-op Cafe and walk away equipped and empowered for the known and unknown in your future. Make plans now — you don’t want to miss it! This series of regional events is produced by Columinate and sponsored by National Co+op Grocers (NCG), with additional support from National Cooperative Bank (NCB). Support makes it possible for cooperators, whatever their role or position, to come together with other cooperators to participate in a day of strategic conversation.

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