Cultivating Awesome Marketing-Operations Communication

Cultivating Awesome Marketing-Operations Communication

Feb 25 | Virtual Chatinar

Even though everyone may be on the same page as far as achieving sales goals, it’s no secret that sometimes there’s friction between a co-op’s marketing department and department or operations managers. Creating a harmonious working relationship requires buy-in, transparency, clear boundaries of accountability and an openness to having some fun!

Learn a few tips from marketing and communicatons consultant Rebecca Torpie and co-op retail support consultant Wynston Estis on how to develop great marketing-operations relationships that result in successful promotions, smooth and efficient systems and happy, satisfied employees.

What is a chatinar you might ask? It’s a virtual opportunity to chat with one of our consultants — these are short format (30 minutes) and each chatinar has a specific theme. The goal is to provide you with an opportunity to pick the brains of our consultants.  Chatinars are free to participate! Join us and let us know what you think!

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