Facilitation Training for Cooperators

Facilitation Training for Cooperators

Oct 20 | Online event | $125 series

Meetings are foundational to cooperative culture.

This session will help cooperators build their skills in planning, facilitating and participating in meetings of all kinds.  Meetings are foundational to cooperative culture. Come learn and practice techniques and concepts to help make your meetings broadly democratic, effective, efficient, and fun.  We will share the foundations of facilitation and explore how to apply a variety of techniques and approaches depending on the goals of any particular meeting or agenda item.

Topics include:

  • The fundamentals of facilitation and dialogue design
  • Setting goals and ground rules
  • Reflective Listening
  • Inviting and managing participation
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Facilitating online meetings
  • Difficult conversations 

Sessions will include a mix of instruction and interactive learning. Enrollment is capped at 18 attendees per session to ensure adequate time for practical application of the skills and concepts presented.  Attendees who complete all four sessions will receive a certificate of completion.

Cost per participant:  $125 for the 4-part series

Contact Thane Joyal for information about scheduling a customized workshop for your co-op. 

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  1. October 20 — The “Why” of Facilitation and Structuring Your Conversation(90 min)
  2. October 27 — Basic Facilitation Skills (90 min)
  3. November 3 — Advanced Facilitation I: Engaging and Managing the “Unruly” Group (90 min)
  4. November 10 — Advanced Facilitation II: Handling Difficult Discussions and Discussants (90 min)


Detailed Content Outline

Session 1ː Introduction to Facilitation/Discussion Design

Facilitation is a core and necessary competency for successful cooperation and collaboration. This workshop will provide an overview of the benefits of facilitated dialogue for building connections, increasing understanding across difference, and making thoughtful decisions that are broadly accepted and understood. Participants will learn about the benefits of choosing between facilitated vs. un-facilitated dialogues, the goals of facilitation, and the characteristics of good facilitation. In addition, participants will be introduced to a range of meeting formats and components that can be employed to create a process geared to reaching defined goals. (90 mins)

Session  2ː Facilitation Basics

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn and practice basic facilitations skills, including methods of setting and implementing ground rules, time management, encouraging inclusivity and broad participation, and helping facilitated groups make connections and accomplish goals. After being introduced to basic techniques, workshop participants will break into small groups to practice and reflect on their experience. (90 mins)

Workshop 3ː Advanced Facilitation I

This workshop will address ways to handle many of the typical group dynamic issues problems that facilitators encounter – a shy group, a domineering voice, distracted discussants, Workshop participants will have the chance to practice and reflect on these new techniques in small groups. (90 mins)

Workshop 4ː Advanced Facilitation II

This workshop will address techniques to manage common participant-specific issues that may arise in group dialogues, including marginalized participants, off-topic contributions, uncivil or offensive speech, and defusing defensiveness.  Participants will have the chance to practice and reflect on these new techniques in small groups and in the larger group. (90 mins)

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