Safety & Security Trainings

Safety & Security Trainings

Feb 13 | Virtual Chatinar (Spotlight on Security - 3 parts: 2/6, 2/13, 2/20)

Spotlight on Safety & Security with Mike Feiner and Paul Feiner – part of a three-part series. Where is your store with its safety and security trainings? What topics do you cover? Do you refresh every year? Do you want to do better but don’t know how? Come chat with us about how to streamline your store’s approach to safety and security trainings covering everything from slips, trips, and falls, hazard communication, and ergonomics, to shoplifting and front-end scams. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our online training development process, and how your store can restructure and update your training protocol to include self-paced online training modules, presentations, and hand-outs to appeal to every learning style.

Join Columinate Consultants Mike Feiner and Paul Feiner for three conversations (register for each conversation separately). Share your stories, explore a few of the most common safety, security, emergency response, and loss prevention challenges, and discuss some of the best approaches to addressing them successfully. Learn more about their services, and see some of their specialized tools in action for yourself.

What is a chatinar you might ask? It’s a virtual opportunity to chat with our consultants — these are short format (30 minutes) and each chatinar has a specific theme. The goal is to provide you with an opportunity to pick the brains of our consultants. Chatinars are free to participate! Join us for one, or all three in this series. Free to attend, half-hour each, the more the merrier!

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