The Seasonality of Wine

The Seasonality of Wine

Mar 03 | Virtual Chatinar

This chatinar will provide your Wine & Beer buyers an opportunity to reassess and strengthen their existing skills, bring new ideas back to your co-ops and drive dollars through improved sales—while supporting your Ends along the way. Samuel Vandegrift will lead the group through the nuts and bolts of purchasing, sales and marketing tools of optimizing your wine and beer buying—and there will be plenty of witty banter, of course. Cheers!

What is a chatinar you might ask? It’s a virtual opportunity to chat with one of our consultants — these are short format (30 minutes) and each chatinar has a specific theme. The goal is to provide you with an opportunity to pick the brains of our consultants.  Chatinars are free to participate! Join us and let us know what you think!

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