Virtual CBL 101

Virtual CBL 101

May 23 | Online

New! Virtual CBL 101 – Foundations for Board Governance

Create a solid foundation for shared understanding — with the added convenience of tuning in from wherever you are. Virtual CBL 101 is a half-day online version of our premier training for newly elected directors, board candidates, general managers (GM), and GM successors, exploring cooperative governance, financial condition of the co-op, roles and responsibilities, and co-op principles and values. The half-day session provides a strong base overview of: cooperative governance; financial understanding using the balance sheet; cooperative principles, values, and history; and legal roles and responsibilities.

Build Virtual CBL 101 into your co-op’s orientation plan to maintain a shared and lasting foundation. This online session provides value both in the short-term, for those who tune in to each session, and in the long-term, supporting accessible continuity for your board as directors come and go.

Who should attend: While especially helpful for those new to co-op boards, this is also a great refresher for seasoned directors and general managers. Candidates and successors are also encouraged to attend, to build capacity.

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IMPORTANT:  If your co-op is not enrolled in the CBLD Program there is a $75 per person charge to attend this event.  An invoice for all registration fees will be emailed to your co-op.

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