Welcome Sarah Dahl

Welcome Sarah Dahl

Columinate | 11-01-2014

Sarah-Dahl_415_3We are pleased to announce that Sarah Dahl has joined the CDSConsulting Co-op’s human resources team. Sarah’s areas of expertise include labor law, conflict resolution, project management and management coaching. She spent 12 years as the human resources manager for Willy St. Co-op in Madison, WI, using her skills to facilitate the co-op’s growth from a one-store operation to a multi-location co-op with 350 employees.

Sarah is particularly adept at gathering and assessing data, as well as troubleshooting a spectrum of human resources that can be addressed through coaching and conflict resolution. “Assisting a broad range of co-ops across the country in addressing their human resources challenges is incredibly gratifying, and a way to use my experience and expertise is an even more impactful way,” Sarah said. To learn more about Sarah’s expertise and services, and how she can assist your cooperative, visit her consultant page.

Sarah Dahl
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