20 Years of CDS Highlights

20 Years of CDS Highlights

  |  July 1, 2005

The Common Cooperative Financial Statements (CoCoFiSt) program allows food co-ops to compare data and create best practices for a wide range of operational functions.

The Food Co-op 500 (later renamed Food Co-op Initiative) program is a joint effort of the National Cooperative Bank, Blooming Prairie Foundation, National Cooperative Grocers Association and CDS. CDS contributed to the creation of a ­conceptual model for community-driven development of new food co-ops, based on experience with food co-op startups and expansions.

CooperationWorks is a national network of 20 co-op development centers serving 44 states. CDS is one of eight founding centers that created this network in 1992, and has since helped secure public funding for these centers.

WoodWorks is a national campaign to spearhead the creation of sustainable forestry co-ops. WoodWorks was initiated as a result of CDS’ work in the Midwest in helping farmers and landowners sustainably manage their woodlots for environmental and economic benefit.

Organic Alliance successfully raised awareness of organic food among mainstream consumers. Organic Alliance was developed byCDS with the assistance of the Pew Charitable Trust Foundation and organic food manufacturers around the country.

Food Alliance Midwest is dedicated to a local sustainable agricultural model that connects farmers to local markets. It also has a sustainable farm certification program for produce, meats, poultry, pork and dairy.

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