With over 40 consultants, Columinate is a national consulting cooperative serving mission-driven organizations, including food co-ops, electric co-ops, healthcare organizations, credit unions, schools, and nonprofits.

Founded in 1994, Columinate focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, which include strategic planning, marketing, leadership development, retail operations, technology, feasibility and viability, governance, as well as diversity & inclusion. We bring a deep understanding and extensive expertise, while providing a holistic approach to solving problems and creating opportunities for our clients.

Startup Support

Whether you’re growing your organization or a startup, Columinate supports you at each stage.

Columinate supports the four cornerstones in a simple development model for startup co-ops and organizations. 

We recognize mission-driven organizations exist to build and maintain a support system that enables a faster and more effective startup process.

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We support startups through:

  • Feasibility and planning
  • Member outreach and orientation
  • Implementation

Grow Your Business

We grow stronger together, leveraging our combined resources as co-ops, community organizations and consultants. Organizations of any size or any stage benefit from Columinate consultants’ expertise, and as your business grows, so does Columinate’s support.

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We support organizations through:

  • Expansion readiness and alignment
  • Feasibility of your project
  • Planning and building capacity

Cultivate Your Community

Columinate understands that building community is your competitive advantage.

Ownership is what distinguishes your organization from other businesses, which creates value. Our services help co-ops and mission-driven organizations build member investment and loyalty.  

When you cultivate community, members and employees will be inspired and motivated to be a part of your organizational mission.

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We support organizations through:

  • Member/ownership program
  • Membership development
  • Equity requirements and structure

Develop Your Leaders

High-performing organizations are focused on engaging and nurturing their leadership.

Your organizational leadership impacts all aspects of your business relationships, including staff, board of directors and members.

Columinate will help you hire the right person you need to achieve your goals. Our coaching program supports staff engagement and accountability, along with improving long term leadership capabilities.

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We support organizations through:

  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Hiring talent
  • Mentoring
  • Board governance and Cooperative Board Leadership support

Build Workplace Culture

Employees and members thrive with a strong organizational culture.

The key to any successful organization is to have a culture based on a shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy, operational structure and leadership.

Columinate can help develop a tailored solution, designed to foster culture and promote workplace engagement.

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We support organizations through:

  • Team engagement
  • Custom training programs
  • Owner engagement

Improve Operations

Strengthening your current operations is essential when planning for growth. Columinate helps organizations create extraordinary member experiences, all designed to drive strong financial performance.

Columinate is here to assist your organization in creating a memorable experience for your members. In addition to merchandising and promotions, our services address operational activities that can build profitability and capacity.

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We support organizations through:

  • Product development
  • Labor management
  • Governance

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