The Abolitionists Challenge

Presented by LaDonna Sanders Redmond

The Abolitionists Challenge, presented by LaDonna Sanders Redmond, is a movement for anyone who identifies as a cooperator and is interested in gaining an understanding of how they can commit to eliminating white supremacy in cooperative spaces and in the broader society.

As part of the movement, members in The Abolitionists Challenge will meet on a monthly basis over the course of 6 months for a guided discussion around books that explore issues of oppression and white supremacy in America. LaDonna will offer a program of directed readings, self-reflection and participation by cooperators in a program to help make cooperatives more actively engaged in bringing strength in our shared work in diversity, equity and inclusion. This will be a focused space in which cooperators will discuss the systematic structures of racism and the work people can do to dismantle them individually and in their communities.

Participants who attended the first session of the challenge are encouraged to renew their commitment to dismantling white supremacy by signing up for the newest session, which builds on the foundational elements they learned in 2020.

Education is foundational for change. All are welcome.

Enroll in the Newest Series: February-July 2021

Monthly Subscription

  • 6 monthly payments
  • Total cost: $270
  • Automatic monthly payments

1 Payment

  • 1 Payment
  • Total cost: $240
  • Savings of $30

Read.  Embody.  Act.

Why the Abolitionists Challenge?

  • Dismantling white supremacy cannot be done alone. The Abolitionists Challenge gives you the opportunity to be in community and learn alongside other people in the co-op movement working to end white supremacy.

  • Get guidance and direction in how to approach the reading from an experienced somatic abolitionist and cooperator.

  • Work at Your Own Pace. Participants will have access to videos, resources, and materials for six months.

  • Books have been carefully selected by an experienced cooperator, educator and somatic abolitionist.

What Do I Get?

  • Access to monthly discussions via Zoom hosted and moderated by somatic abolitionist LaDonna Sanders Redmond

  • Join the 21st century abolitionist virtual community

  • Curated list of audio, video, and print materials that cover a range of topics relater to racial injustice

  • Access to other special events and webinars featuring LaDonna Redmond

How to Enroll

To join the challenge, you have the option to either pay upfront or in monthly payments. You will then have access to resources, a community of other anti-racist cooperators, and meeting invites to our monthly discussions on Zoom. Meetings will be recorded and available for up to six months.

The Abolitionists Challenge is a one time charge of $240 per person. If you would like to pay in installments, you can make 6 payments of $45 ($270 total).

Click to Sign Up

Group Sign-Ups

Have a group you’d like to collectively sign-up to join The Abolitionists Challenge? We’re happy to help! E-mail us for more information.

Session Dates

Calls will be the first Thursday of the month at 7-8:30 p.m. EDT between February-July. Can’t make a live session? All calls will be recorded and shared so you can watch the meetings whenever it is convenient for you.

The first session will be Thursday February 4th at 7 p.m. EDT

Book List

Reserve at your local library or order from these Black-owned independent booksellers.

Chrysalis: Embodied Abolitionism 

Chrysalis: The Retreat 

A Commitment to Self, Community, and World

Coming January 2021, we’re offering Chrysallis: The Retreat, an immersive experience to help you build the skills you need to be an abolitionist.

In solidarity with the native peoples whose land we occupy and those Africans that were captured and enslaved to build the United States, we must now bring that attention inward and imagine a brand-new, blank page for the world we want to create. During this half-day retreat, we will explore concepts of limitless potential, intention setting and manifesting places of welcome, and what actions you can take in your daily life to embody abolitionism.

Chrysalis: The Retreat will offer a little dose of inspiration for your purpose on the year ahead as an embodied abolitionist.

Cost: $100 regular registration; $120 for those that are financially able to pay-it-forward; $80 for those who need financial assistance.

Join us from 1-5 p.m. EDT, January 1, 2021.

Register Now!

Chrysalis: Embodied Abolitionism Program

Want to take the next step and work on fully embodying abolitionism with a group of people? 

Click the button below to express interest in group coaching and development, and we’ll be in touch with more information about an upcoming webinar in January soon! 

I’m interested in Chrysalis!

“Accepting this challenge will allow you to recognize all of the biases that you have and all of the racism that you have been taught. You will no longer be in denial about the impact of white supremacy. You will be an abolitionist and stand against all forms of oppression.