Columinate Compensation Database


Organizational structure and cost of labor are critical strategic issues for grocery retail operators. The Columinate Compensation Database provides easy access to confidential and anonymous General Manager, Administrative and Department Manager comparable data.

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Who It’s For

Our newly improved database is open to NCG member co-ops, small co-ops and non-NCG co-ops, and INFRA member natural independent retailers.

How It Works

General managers of food co-ops can save valuable time by entering their compensation information and having immediate access a report showing their compensation within the context of comparable data. Reports from the Columinate Compensation Database are often used as supporting documentation in compensation proposals to food co-op boards.

Who Can Access the Compensation Database

HR managers, GMs, and store owners can add and update administrative and department manager compensation, choosing from more than 30 job titles and descriptions to keep a running benchmark of compensation levels using similar size operations.To ensure confidentiality, only GMs can access the section of the database on GM compensation. They can designate HR or another staff person as an additional user for access to the other management positions.


The compensation database is available for an annual subscription of $275. That includes unlimited access to the compensation database for all positions AND unlimited job postings in the all-new Columinate Job Board! NCG members receive FREE ACCESS as part of their membership.

I’m a board member. Can I register?

Board members should contact their GM to find out if they have already registered, and if not, ask their GM to register.
Sign up for the Columinate Compensation Database

Special thanks to Carolee Colter for being the steward of the Cooperative General Manager Compensation Database for many years and to Kate Sumberg of CoMetrics for her invaluable assistance!

Thank you to National Co-op Grocers for providing financial support for the Gender Equity Project and the database.

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It can be challenging to find the right place to post your job openings and attract qualified candidates. The new Columinate Job Board will make it easy to post and fill all positions.

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