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Case Study: Wheatsville — Where It All Started for Walden

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Wheatsville Food Co-op Austin, Texas Founded: 1976 Number of members: 9,000 Equity investment:$55 per household Number of staff: 80 Retail square feet:5,100 One of Walden Swanson’s first co-op endeavors was to manage the Wheatsville Food Co-op. As a native Texan who went to business school at the University of Texas in Austin, his interest in economic and social justice issues deepened. He’d always felt [...]

Walden and Kate to Be Inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame

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Last month the food cooperative sector was unanimously thrilled to learn that CDS consultants Walden Swanson and Kate Sumberg are to be inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame at a ceremony in April 2008. Recommendation letters poured into the hands of the selection committee at the Cooperative Development Foundation from food co-op leaders as well as people in the housing, finance, wholesale and agricultural [...]

Elk Grove Case Study: From Home Run to Strike Out

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By Patricia Cumbie 133 November - December - 2007 The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (SacNat) location in Elk Grove, Calif., was a long anticipated state-of-the-art second store that opened with high expectations in June of 2005, but closed in January of 2007. SacNat seemed to have it all: experienced management, a good board of directors, and a profitable, established location to cushion the second [...]

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