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Setting a Process for General Manager Compensation

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By Carolee Colter, Mark Goehring 134 Jan - Feb - 2008 What are some words that come to mind when you think of general manager compensation? Uncomfortable. Problematic. Crazy. Or: Exciting. Challenging. Strategic. Even though everyone might say that general manager (GM) compensation is important, it doesn’t always get handled that way. In order to help your board and GM approach this topic in [...]

Additional Stores: Expanding “The Co-op”

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By Bill Gessner 134 Jan - Feb - 2008 Food co-ops expanding from one to two stores must navigate a challenging and perilous course. This article will explore those challenges and obstacles and suggest a course of planning and implementation that increases the likelihood of success. Food co-ops historically have had limited (but increasing) success operating multiple stores. In 1997 there were just six [...]

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