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Legal issues for new co-ops

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Learning objectives: the options and recommendations for food cooperative legal structure the timing and steps of legal organization the purpose and role of legal documents  

A Board’s Duty: Determining What is Reasonable

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By Thane Joyal 138 September - October - 2008   The man in the wilderness asked of me, How many strawberries grow in the sea? I answered him as I thought good As many as red herrings grow in the wood. —Old Nursery rhyme   When I talk to members of a board of directors about its legal roles and responsibilities, I always try [...]

Orientation to Development: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages

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Learning objectives: the Food Co-op 500 Development Model: Four Cornerstones in Three Stages how the four cornerstones can be developed through the start up process the importance, the sequence and the road map offered by the three stages Related links: Click here for article on the Four Cornerstones in Three Stages model Click here for information the Cooperative Principles

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