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Making Ourselves Accountable: Board self-evaluation fosters reflection, constant improvement

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By Rose Marie Klee 150 September - October 2010 Board of directors’ self-evaluation is the act of reflecting upon the past in order to constantly improve. It is rooted in a sincere commitment to providing high-quality governance as trustees of an organization. When a board practices periodic evaluation, each director comes to better understand the expectations for individual directors, as well as the entire [...]

Meaningful Metrics: General manager reporting closes the accountability loop

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By Todd Wallace 150 September - October 2010 Successful reporting is essential to maintaining a positive board-management relationship. A sound process—one that includes the creation of meaningful metrics—is a powerful tool that closes the accountability loop and demonstrates organizational accomplishment. Having these two components in place builds alignment, engagement, and commitment to the accomplishment of the co-op’s long-term goals. A board’s work includes two [...]

Staff on the Board

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Should staff be eligible to serve on the board of a consumer co-op? Many of today’s food co-ops started as small buying clubs.  No one was paid, everyone pitched in.  As the co-ops grew, incorporated, opened store fronts and hired staff, little attention was paid to role clarity and accountability.  Paid staff and member workers often served as the board of directors. Now that [...]

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