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Case Study: Wheatsville’s BIG Direction

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Wheatsville Food Co-op has always had big dreams to have multiple locations— going back to the days since it was founded. Now they are in a position to begin to make them come true. The co-op has, as general manager Dan Gillotte put it, “solidified home base” with its latest renovation and is primed to branch out into multiple locations. This has been an [...]

Meeting Guidelines for Guests

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Board meetings are at the heart of board work and well-run, productive meetings are an important part of the foundation for any good board. Meetings are typically open to owners, and sometimes others, to attend. Having clear guidelines on attendance at, and participation in, board meetings will support the board in doing its work and will set clear expectations for those attending. Proactively defining [...]

Bill Gessner Enters the Cooperative Hall of Fame

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Bill Gessner likes working with people, and most of the time, you’ll find him wherever groups are creating plans for the future.  Throughout his career, Bill has worked with hundreds of food co-ops and many development organizations.  It is not an exaggeration to say that his ability to work with diverse groups of people has helped the food co-op sector grow and thrive.  He [...]

Is the Economy an Angry God?

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Tom Webb, Manager Masters of Cooperatives and Credit Unions at St. Mary's University   Halifax, NS, Canada   Professor Webb has unique perspectives which he brings to the topic of the Cooperative Difference [chapter 1]. He shares with us his compelling vision for a truly Cooperative Economy [chapter 2].  And poses a challenge to help spread the cooperative model across all sectors [chapter 3]. [...]

Be the Best You Can Be—Quicker

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By Nina Johnson 160 May - June - 2012 You know the feeling: you walk into your first meeting, you don’t know anyone, you’re not sure what to say or do, and everyone but you seems to know what’s going on. That’s how it can feel for a newly elected board director who has had no orientation, and this feeling can last for months. [...]

The Co-operative Decade: What Will YOU Do?

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Dame Pauline Green, President International Cooperative Alliance, United Kingdom   Dame Green takes us through the key components of the Cooperative Decade, as laid out in the ICA's Blueprint For a Cooperative Decade and challenges cooperators to take action to make the vision for 2020 a success.

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