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Dealing Responsibly with Operational Concerns

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Directors who are diligently trying to fulfill their fiduciary duty regularly notice things within their co-op that may be cause for concern – or at least worth asking about. At the same time, these same directors want to honor the Board’s clear delegation to the GM and that GM’s professional judgment. How can responsible directors do both? This Field Guide will outline an approach [...]

Great Idea: Startup Policy Templates Easily Set Up New Boards

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For many years, startups looking for an organizational structure had to adapt governance policies from existing co-ops. It certainly helped, but wasn’t efficient to have to translate the differences between an established board and one that was just beginning. Now startups have policy templates that are geared to address the needs of groups in Stages 1 and 2 of the Four Cornerstones in Three [...]

De-Mystifying Ends

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Table of Contents (links to youtube) Chapter 1: Governance = Accountability and Empowerment Chapter 2: Understanding Ends and their Role in PG Chapter 3: How to Write Effective Compelling Ends Policy Chapter 4: Effective Ends Policies: "Before & After" Chapter 5: Summary & Resources