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‘Fresh Start’ Bylaws Template

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UPDATED: February 27, 2016 Bylaws are an important set of governing agreements in which the member-owners of a cooperative articulate the special dual relationship they have with each other: members of an association and owners of a business. In the bylaws, the member-owners define how they will make certain decisions together and how they will empower a board to make other decisions on their [...]

The We / Me Cycle

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Walden Swanson, Business Intelligence Analyst CoopMetrics + CDS Consulting Co-op   Andover, MA   In this talk Walden shares with us his latest findings, and the subject of a forthcoming research paper, on the sales trends of co-op businesses across decades. What he has uncovered in the data is fascinating and Mr. Swanson believes, that if true, could help co-ops a great deal.

Reporting During Expansion

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Boards delegate to their GM the task of effectively managing the co-op’s operations, which requires a clear system of accountability to ensure the GM is doing this job well. How can a board and GM maintain this system of delegation and accountability during the more risky and busy time of an expansion project? How can the board be sure that good financial management continues [...]

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