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RVM: A Story of Community + Success

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Rochelle Prunty, General Manager River Valley Market, Northampton, MA   Hear about the River Valley Market's 5-year young journey from startup to profitability, along with all the wonderful benefits the enterprise now brings to it's community, local farms, and its membership.

How We Got Here: A Co-op History

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Marilyn Scholl, the manager of the CDS Consulting Co-op, (and not too proud to call herself the "designated co-op old fart") provides a succinct recap of the food co-op movement in the United States through history in order to glean lessons and learnings from the past.  Scholl addresses the questions relevant to food cooperators in this new era of competition:  How did we get [...]

Credit Unions On Participation

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George Hofheimer, Chief Research + Innovation Officer Filene Research Institute, Madison, WI   Mr. Hofheimer explores the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for Credit Unions in their work fostering member participation.  Plus he offers up some insight into the food co-op sector and areas of potential overlap.