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The Decision Matrix

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By: Carolee Colter & Jeanie Wells   When an organization is going through rapid change, roles within the organization change, too, and not always in a consciously thought-through manner. Expansions can result in forming new layers of positions. For example, opening a second store creates the necessity for new approaches to buying. Relocating to a new facility with a much-expanded food service leads to [...]

A case against ‘fair pay’

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Natural foods purveyors often have an ethos to maintain as fair a workplace as possible--but it's important to make a distinction between what's fair and what's equitable. Look at any report on what kills employee motivation and engagement, and you are sure to see something about managers treating employees unfairly. Natural foods purveyors often have an ethos to maintain as fair a workplace as [...]

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Martha Whitman tells the story of La Montanitas experience with growth through acquiring stores in new markets.  Watch and learn about the leadership of the board of directors as they engaged their membership throughout the process.

Tuning up Operations for the New Normal

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In Tucson, AZ competition is ramping up and the leaders at Food Conspiracy are taking decisive action. Hear from GM Kelley Kriner about the steps that the management at Food Conspiracy took to make the Co-op a strong and sustainable force in the community.

Accessibility is Key

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The New Normal has hit Chico Natural Foods in California. General Manager Liza Tedesco believes the response from the food co-op sector must be accessibility. Liza share her perspective and the initial steps and questions that co-op leaders must ask themselves in order to answer the question "What are the barriers to more people shopping co-op?"

Activating ‘New-Style’ Participation

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Weaver Street Market Carrboro, NC Year founded:  1988 Member equity requirement:  $75 individual, $135 couple, $175 three or more Number of members:  18,000 consumer-owners, 210 employee-owners Number of staff:  250 Number of locations:  3 retail stores and Food House commissary kitchen Over the years, Weaver Street Market has enjoyed significant success as an innovator in launching numerous retail stores and developing a commissary kitchen.  [...]