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Courageous Leadership Today Stronger Co-ops Tomorrow

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As Director of Co-op Development for NCG, Dave Olson has a unique perspective on what it'll take for co-ops to survive and thrive in this 'New Normal' of increased competition and slowing sales growth. In this must-watch video Dave drops some hard truths and possibly un-popular ideas in an effort to get co-ops to think hard about such crucial yet sensitive topics as product [...]

The Hero’s Journey of Growth

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Delene Porter, the General Manager at Daily Groceries in Athens, GA shares what she calls the Hero's Journey that is the path for the future of her co-op. Shedding parts of their past, acquiring skills and tools for the present and future, Daily Groceries underwent a transformation that truly is courageous.

The Path of Courageousness

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General Manager of Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, TN, Jacki Arthur shares with us a parable, as well as her own perspective on what she calls "The Path of Courageousness". In this honest and inspiring video Jackie shares her vision for her own region of the Appalachias and why if you ain't crazy, you might be doing something wrong!

Baking Bread, Building Bonds

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Jon McDonald, Bread Baker and Board Member at Weaver Street Market in North Carolina shares his views on leadership and collaboration through the lenses of the several hats that he wears within his cooperative.

Focus, Alignment, and Vision Around Ends

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Steve Breckheimer, Board Member at Hendersonville Community Co-op in Hendersonville, NC describes two different versions of what alignment can look like and why alignment is so critical to Ends accomplishment. Then he tells a story of Hendersonville's successful engagement and outreach around a capital campaign to help grow their food co-op and impact.

Scaling for Success

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River Valley Co-op in Northampton, MA is a jewel among startups with over $25M in annual sales and robust growth. Rochelle Prunty, the GM at RVC takes us through the co-ops history, as well as a possible future, in which the region has many more River Valley Co-ops and an exponentially greater impact on its members, staff, and communities.

Leadership Means Learning from Our Mis-Steps

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At Onion River/City Market in Burlington, VT mistakes were made involving staff inclusion. Kyle Larson tells the story from his perspective and highlights the strengths in leadership through this harrowing experience that allowed City Market to persevere and build even stronger community in the process.

Be The Bamboo

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John Tashiro shares with us some of the "wisdom of the Bamboo". Tashiro, the newly appointed General Manager at Onion River / City Market in Burlington, VT applies some of this wisdom to being courageous leaders in the retail co-op sector and entices us all to "be the bamboo".

Stories of Courageous Leaders

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Cooperative Hall of Fame inductee Ann Hoyt tells a tale of three of her top picks for people that displayed courageous leadership in the face of impossible odds.  Hear about the work of Abraham Shadid, Carol Greewald and David Smith.  She believes "the ability to act rightly" in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, discouragement and personal loss defines the core of courageous [...]

Guiding the Co-op Towards its Goals

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Ruffin Slater, General Manager at Weaver Street Market in North Carolina has proven himself an innovator among national GMs. In this video Ruffin shares his insights on how leadership can help guide the co-op towards its Ends.