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Food Co-ops Are on the Leading Edge

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As director of Food Systems Initiatives for the Self-Help Credit Union, Steve Saltzman has a unique perspective on the work that is being done by food co-op sin communities throughout the region. And from where Steve sits, food co-ops are on the leading edge! When it comes to transparency, social change, and social justice, Steve sees food co-ops as the local engines driving progress.

From Credit Union to Community: Stories of Impact

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At the Local Government Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, NC Michael Spink has the enviable title of Innovation Strategist.  In this brief video Michael shares a few stories of how the LGFCU is creating an impact in the lives and communities of its members.

Moving Forward Together

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An historic proposal was floated among members of 3 Twin Cities food co-ops to merge their 3 distinct organizations into one co-op. Two of those co-ops chose to merge, in this video we get to hear from the one that chose NOT to merge. Eastside Food Co-ops John Lacaria and Carolyn Buzza share about their next steps in deciding how their co-op can create [...]

The Participation Burger: All Staff Create Impact

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Dan Arnett, Cooperator in Chief at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, tells the story of how he's inviting all staff members to create participation and impact by way of building the best burger in town.  Dan has some great ideas about how even small acts can translate to greater impact in your community.

Participation: Systems & Structures

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Systems & Structures within a cooperative are essential to creating and maintaining strong communication between co-op stakeholder groups.  Rebecca Torpie shares some brief points about how these systems can better be leveraged to create and sustain meaningful engagement at your co-op.

On Participation

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In her work as a Participation & Engagement consultant for cooperatives, Rebecca Torpie gets to see many successful campaigns engendering authentic relationships between co-op stakeholders.  From members, to staff, to community members, the connections between these groups is so powerful, and Rebecca shares with you some of the best strategies from co-ops around the US.

Board Communication: Using the Board’s Unique Perspective to Increase Owner Engagement and Participation

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There’s commonly a remarkable diversity among how the members of a co-op’s board of directors and how co-op staff see and understand the co-op. And the perception of the myriad owner members are as distinct and individual as the members themselves.  And yet each group is holding a unique piece of wisdom about the cooperative. This field guide offers boards tools and resources to [...]

What Drives Co-op Employee Engagement

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Workplace employee engagement is a hot topic.  Open any human resources publication and you’ll find countless articles on making work fun, motivational and results-oriented.  No matter what the individual strategies are to achieve that, the connection people feel to the business values and whether they feel aligned with them is a big part of fostering engagement in the workplace. While some workplaces may struggle [...]

Growing Leaders from Within

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By Melanie Reid 186 Sept-Oct 2016 As co-ops evolve and expand and our industry continuously changes, it’s important that we have mechanisms in place that enable employees to see career pathways within our organizations. Opportunities to learn new things and grow within the organization are important for everyone on the co-op staff roster. If their training ends after 90 days, you probably have some [...]

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