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Perpetuating Board Leadership Through Co-op Storytelling

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Board perpetuation is a perennial topic for boards. Turnover happens year to year as a cyclical part of board service. So, finding ways to maintain consistently strong governance needs to be a priority and continual task. Things can never stay exactly they as they are (or used to be), so how do boards keep positive momentum going? How do they individually and collectively share [...]

Good Governance Makes Community Stronger

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Maple City Market Goshen, IN Year founded: 1976 Membership investment: $100 Number of members: 3,000 Number of employees: 25 Recently, Goshen, Indiana was named “Community of the Year” by the state’s Chamber of Commerce. For many years, this northern Indiana town on the border of Michigan held many undiscovered charms. No longer. It’s an increasingly diverse town recognized for its civic pride, hosting many [...]

Community Connections, Co-op Opportunities!

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Cindee Lolick, General Manager at First Alternative in Corvallis, OR shares several exciting tales of opportunities that First Alt has been given because of their deep and lasting involvement in the Corvallis community.

Partnerships: For Reflections & Expanding our Reach

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Bonnie Hudspeth, in her role as Programs Manager for the Neighboring Food Co-ops Association, is here to bring you the tales of New England food co-ops SUCCESSFULLY working together to tackle the thorny issues of food insecurity, implicit bias, and the barriers we unknowingly put up around many of our food co-ops. Bonnie has several stories to share that highlight the great work being [...]

Customers, Community, and Cost: A Pathway to Success

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Michael Faber, General Manager at the Monadnock Food Co-op in Keene, NH, shares his top 3 areas of improvement and growth for the success of his co-op. These are: Customer Experience (CX), Pricing, and Community Involvement. Sit back and listen to Michael share the stories and lessons from his Co-op's struggles and successes since their rocky start in 2013 to their double-digit growth and [...]

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