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Spotlight on Safety & Security

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Spotlight on Safety & Security with Mike Feiner and Paul Feiner – part of a three-part series. You can be sure that shoplifter gave a lot of thought to how to get away with stealing; how much thought have you put into stopping it? How does your store organize its overall approach to loss prevention? Who’s tasked with your loss prevention, safety, and security [...]

Everyone Welcome Chatinar

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The authors of Everyone Welcome? Personal Narratives about Race and Food Co-ops believe that bridging the racial divide starts first with encouraging inquiry and engagement that leads toward greater awareness, problem-solving, and embracing radical change.  They know starting and sustaining conversations about race are not always easy.  Being inclusive in our workplaces, board rooms and community organizations requires the willingness and skill to talk about race.  [...]

Re-Energize your Co-op Culture

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There are over 40,000 co-ops operating in the USA employing almost 1 million people. Few of those employees have had any formal training on the cooperative business model. This brief “chatinar” led by Columinate consultant Adam Schwartz is designed to introduce you and your colleagues to some of the key steps organizations can take to ensure you are using your cooperative structure as a [...]

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