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Virtual Annual Meetings Field Guide

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In the wake of the pandemic, the customary way of doing many things has been upended.  For co-ops, the list of adaptations extends to how we engage with members, including our approach to the time-honored (and legally required) tradition of the annual meeting. We've prepared a field guide to help you plan for a shift to the virtual realm for your annual meeting this [...]

Amplifying Co-Op Values and Meeting Customers’ Needs with Cooperative Wines

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Outstanding wine departments offer bottles chosen to taste great. The best go beyond flavor to advance a vision, a perspective, an ethos. These innovators cater to their customers while honoring both economic realities and a deeper mission.  By their very nature, co-ops serve such multiple bottom lines, and your wine department should further our values as cooperators.  Baked into the being of every co-op [...]