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Larger Ambitions for the Columinate Job Board

By |2022-08-22T17:01:05-04:00August 18th, 2022|

Changing careers can be one of the most stressful tasks we face as adults. So much of our identity is tied up in our work, and many of us want to find a job that reflects our values or that adds something back to the world. When you start looking at the multitudes of job postings that are out there, the variety of what is available can be overwhelming. The uncertainty of personal and cultural alignment makes knowing where to look for job postings a challenge. Columinate hopes to change that.

What to Know About Owner Capital Campaigns

By |2022-04-07T12:55:46-04:00April 7th, 2022|

Raising capital is especially important for cooperatives, which don’t have a typical ownership structure that banks or lenders are used to. Mobilizing the co-op’s membership to raise funds through an owner capital campaign can be an excellent strategy.

Five Ways to Keep Up with Pandemic Price Inflation

By |2022-01-28T11:11:19-05:00January 25th, 2022|

Backlogs in international supply chains and bottlenecks in global shipping networks have caused massive challenges for customers and retailers alike, and the retail grocery industry is no exception. Additionally, an inconsistent supply of goods has made it tough for retailers to respond to unpredictable customer demand.

Know Your Where & Why: The Value of CAT Surveys

By |2021-12-08T11:07:47-05:00September 12th, 2019|

Knowing where you draw your business from is a good idea; knowing how you’re performing in your trade area is even better. A Customer Address and Transaction (CAT) survey accomplishes both, giving you a valuable snapshot to inform marketing focus. It’s a straightforward analysis worth returning to time and time again.

Expanding the Boundaries of Retailing in Local Communities

By |2021-12-08T11:19:07-05:00November 7th, 2018|

Contemporary food co-ops have begun important discussions in their organizations around equity and inclusion. As part of that process, they’ve had to accept and deal with some painful truths that their co-ops have not always been perceived as inclusive, especially through the shopping experience.

Weavers Way-Ambler Startup Merger Spurs Co-op Momentum

By |2022-01-18T10:21:56-05:00July 12th, 2018|

When the only grocery store in Ambler, Pennsylvania closed, it galvanized the town of 6,500 people into action. Rather than recreate the former grocery store’s approach to conventional retailing, though, they explored launching a food co-op that would focus on a variety of products, including natural and organic.

Real Estate Resource Guide

By |2022-01-18T10:22:17-05:00July 10th, 2018|

This guide seeks to clarify the tools and resources available for food co-ops to efficiently secure and develop the physical space needed for their store. The need to design and build an attractive building in a location that easily serves a growing shopper base and can attract new customers is vital. A co-op’s location is either an advantage or a disadvantage; it is best to work with experienced real estate professionals to ensure the best result.

Capital Campaign Funding Builds Expansion Momentum

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The town of Astoria, Oregon has a strong independent streak. While other nearby areas are overrun with chain stores, their town has not sustained that level of attention or development. That doesn’t mean the 10,000 people who live there don’t want nice amenities, efficiency and convenience. The difference is that they are willing to create those opportunities for development from within their own community.