Virtual Annual Meetings Field Guide

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In the wake of the pandemic, the customary way of doing many things has been upended.  For co-ops, the list of adaptations extends to how we engage with members, including our approach to the time-honored (and legally required) tradition of the annual meeting. We've prepared a field guide to help you plan for a shift to the virtual realm for your annual meeting this [...]

Amplifying Co-Op Values and Meeting Customers’ Needs with Cooperative Wines

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Outstanding wine departments offer bottles chosen to taste great. The best go beyond flavor to advance a vision, a perspective, an ethos. These innovators cater to their customers while honoring both economic realities and a deeper mission.  By their very nature, co-ops serve such multiple bottom lines, and your wine department should further our values as cooperators.  Baked into the being of every co-op [...]

Financial Planning During a Pandemic

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Financial health is the backbone of a successful co-op. Like every other part, it’s twisting and turning during the current pandemic. “Things are changing really fast,” says feasibility and project development consultant Don Moffitt. “I’m not sure that anybody knows exactly what they need to be doing right now.” Even during normal times, it’s possible to be profitable on paper but still suffer from a shortage of cash. It’s also [...]

Join Us For a Board Leadership Webinar in May and Beyond

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Articulating your co-op's value, supporting GM's, and hosting effective virtual meetings in the time of COVID-19 Good governance of your community co-op has never mattered more. During the shutdown, Columinate is offering a number of virtual trainings and resources to support boards of directors in their ongoing learning and development. These events will be hosted throughout the year, and over the next month, [...]

Coaching for Excellence: Building a Support Team During Times of Crisis

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Leading a purpose-driven organization takes work and vision — and it’s worth the hustle. But nobody said it was easy.   “Being a general manager or other co-op leader can be isolating,” says human resources consultant and leadership coach Melanie Reid. As we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, “general managers are even more isolated,” says strategy specialist and executive coach Art Sherwood. Seemingly endless decisions [...]

Spotlight on Safety & Security

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Spotlight on Safety & Security with Mike Feiner and Paul Feiner – part of a three-part series. You can be sure that shoplifter gave a lot of thought to how to get away with stealing; how much thought have you put into stopping it? How does your store organize its overall approach to loss prevention? Who’s tasked with your loss prevention, safety, and security [...]

Columinate: Who We Are

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At Columinate, we are catalysts for common good. Our member-consultants share strategies, tools, and skills to help purpose-driven organizations build and empower community. From the city to the suburbs and beyond, co-ops are both the foundation and the backbone of strong communities. Our role is to illuminate solutions to guide these organizations forward. Founded in 1994, Columinate works with mission-driven organizations on their most [...]

New North Willy Street Co-op Serves Needs and Values

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Willy Street Co-op Madison, Wisc. Year founded:  1974 Equity investment:  $56 single/$91 household + $2 service fee Number of members:  34,000 Number of employees:  420 Number of locations:  3 retails, commissary kitchen, central office Every day food co-ops must make decisions within the context of one of the most intractable dilemmas of the grocery industry.  How does the co-op reconcile customer desire for lower [...]

3 steps toward sustainable business growth

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In the midst of growth, leaders may see that they are outgrowing their structure and systems but feel so overwhelmed that they can’t imagine stopping long enough to make changes. Guess what? We will never feel like we have the time to make big changes. What’s the solution? Shift the workplace culture into one that views itself as a constantly expanding organization instead of [...]