Marilyn Scholl’s Career Impact

Marilyn Scholl’s Career Impact

  |  April 9, 2018

Marilyn Scholl has inspired a whole generation of cooperators. Here’s what those who have worked with Marilyn have to say about her personal and professional impact on people and co-ops.

Marilyn has been an inspiration, mentor and friend for as long as I can recall. Her commitment to food co-ops and especially the people of co-ops is unwavering, calling us all to become better cooperators.—Stuart Reid, executive director, Food Co-op Initiative

As one of the most impactful mentors a GM could have, Marilyn had direct influence over my confidence, courage, creativity, communication skills, work culture, board relationships, and leadership skills—all for which I am eternally grateful.—Pam Mehnert, general manager, Outpost Natural Foods Co-op

Marilyn taught us all that building strong cooperatives requires real cooperation, where trust, respect and a sense of humor create lasting bonds, and leaders like Marilyn are a constant source of inspiration.—Anne Reynolds, executive director, University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

Marilyn Scholl has this incredibly remarkable gift of helping people open up to possibilities and opportunities around them and I will always be grateful for her guidance as I grow as a consultant and as a person.—Nicole Klimek, store planning and design, CDS CC

Marilyn has done the heroic (NCG), the mundane (Wheatsville), the strategic (FCI), the vision (CDS CC), and the innovative (CBLD). She’s done as much as anyone to ensure that our food co-op system is now vibrant. She has a legion of leadership made up of people that she’s taught, recruited, and inspired.—Walden Swanson and Kate Sumberg, Co-op Metrics

In all my decades as a cooperator anyone who needed Marilyn’s help would get it.—David J. Thompson, president, Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation

Marilyn’s calm, clear, level-headed, logical yet compassionate demeanor the first time I ever spoke to her is what made me feel like I hit the jackpot when I got to work with her.—Sarah Dahl, human resources systems and support, CDS CC

Marilyn taught me everything I know; I just wish I had learned everything she tried to teach me.—Joel Kopischke, board leadership development, CDS CC

Marilyn embodies for me everything you expect in a cooperative hero!—Robynn Shrader, CEO, National Co+op Grocers

I learned from Marilyn to stand your ground, deeply listen and learn, and then, if it seems right…let yourself be changed.—Art Sherwood, board leadership development, CDS CC

Marilyn has consistently shown me and so many others that we need to find the right balance between business performance and commitment to cooperative values and principles and that that is the true road to success.—Karen Zimbelman, senior director of membership and cooperative relations, National Co+opGrocers

Thank the Goddess for Marilyn! Her guidance, inspiration and love have helped shape the woman I am today; I am forever grateful.—Melanie Reid, human resources systems and support, CDS CC

Marilyn provides and inspires co-op leadership, innovation, and the advancement of the food co-op movement; the successes of many co-ops, their managers and Board Members, our newest wave of food co-ops, our robust and effective support system with CDS Consulting Co-op, the Food Co-op Initiative, and NCG are her legacy.—Rochelle Prunty, general manager, River Valley Co-op

Marilyn has always challenged me to look for the opportunity to make systems and people work better, rather than just naming what’s not working, and in the process she’s helped me be a better consultant.—Carolee Colter, human resources systems and training, CDS CC

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