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29th Jul, 2016

Committee Charters Field Guide

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All board committees should have a charter – a description of the committee’s purpose and authority. One person, generally the board secretary, should have primary responsibility for drafting charters as directed by the board. This helps the board have a consistent approach for how charters are written. Committee charters should include: The lifespan of the committee (An ad hoc committee should exist only as [...]

29th May, 2012

Meeting Guidelines for Guests

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Board meetings are at the heart of board work and well-run, productive meetings are an important part of the foundation for any good board. Meetings are typically open to owners, and sometimes others, to attend. Having clear guidelines on attendance at, and participation in, board meetings will support the board in doing its work and will set clear expectations for those attending. Proactively defining [...]

15th Jul, 2009

Evaluating the General Manager

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By Mark Goehring, Carolee Colter 143 July - August - 2009   A board evaluating the general manager (GM) of a food co-op…now there’s a process that directors should be able to describe, defend, celebrate and appreciate with little or no ambiguity or hesitation. In a recent online recorded workshop on GM evaluation, Thane Joyal and Carolee Colter laid out these four learning ­objectives [...]

20th Apr, 2022

How CBLD Helps Boards Become Better Employers

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Cooperation among cooperatives is more than just a golden principle that all strive to achieve, it’s actually an organizational imperative that makes good use of collective time and resources. Columinate’s Cooperative Board Leadership Development program (CBLD) is built precisely to offer co-op boards the tools to make informed decisions and gain efficiency.

30th Jul, 2021

Monitoring Reports: Definitions of the important components

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Within the Policy Governance® model, a board delegates authority to the executive (General Manager, CEO, Executive Director, etc) through written policies. The executive then uses written reports to demonstrate accountability for the use of that authority. These monitoring reports are an important and primary component of the board’s evaluation of the executive; knowing what to include and what to look for can help the executive and board members create a highly effective and user-friendly system.

10th Jul, 2020

About Rising Stars

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Natural Foods Leadership Development Training Produced & Presented by Carolee Colter, Mark Mulcahy, and Allen Seidner The Rising Stars Training Experience Our Seminars Are Dynamic!  These interactive experiences are like no other management training opportunity in natural foods retailing. We use a variety of presentation formats to [...]

26th Feb, 2020

Co-op Cafe 2020 Resources

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A Handful of Resources (among many possibilities) Video Postcards -- COMING SOON! CE Pugh - CEO - National Co+op Grocers Alissa Van Nort - Facilitator, Consultant, Mediator, Workshop Leader - Seewalk Group Leslie Watson - Governance, Startup Strategist - Columinate Cynefin framework: Cultivating Leadership’s video explainer on cynefin: “A Leader’s Framework for Decision-Making,” by David Snowden & Mary Boone, Harvard Business [...]

28th Nov, 2018

Responding to Workplace Conflicts and Employee Concerns

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Boards of directors want to know that co-op staff are fairly treated and that the co-op has a good reputation as an employer. General managers need the authority to carry out board policy, and that authority includes holding staff accountable for performance and making decisions that may not be popular with all staff. These goals are not mutually exclusive. Fairness, accountability, and unpopularity can [...]

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