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The Co-operative Decade: Why Participation Matters

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Hear directly from the ICA President about the undeniable importance of Participation in building the success of the Cooperative Movement. Dame Green discusses the role of Participation as one of the components of a successful cooperative decade as laid out in the ICA's Blueprint For a Cooperative Decade.  

Excite, Wow, and Spread

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Ruffin Slater, General Manager Weaver Street Market, Research Triangle, North Carolina   Simple steps for building community enthusiasm around your next growth project.

The Co-operative Decade: What Will YOU Do?

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Dame Pauline Green, President International Cooperative Alliance, United Kingdom   Dame Green takes us through the key components of the Cooperative Decade, as laid out in the ICA's Blueprint For a Cooperative Decade and challenges cooperators to take action to make the vision for 2020 a success.

Seeing the Cooperative Landscape, Growing the Cooperative Economy

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Erbin Crowell, Executive Director Neighboring Food Co-op Association   Erbin describes a shift in perspective from "My Co-op" to "Our Co-ops," and helps us see the cooperative landscape and the cooperative economy. He shows the density of co-ops in New England and New York (almost 9.000!), and addresses the potential of cross-sector collaboration. A cooperative decade? Where do we start?

IYC 2012 and Beyond: The Cooperative Decade

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Charles Gould, Director-General International Cooperative Alliance   Geneva, Switzerland   Mr. Gould is looking a little further out than 2012.  He sees IYC as a springboard into growing the cooperative business model for decades to come.

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