Commonly used CoCoFiSt terms

CoCoFiSt Common Cooperative Financial Statements, a CDS program for improving cooperative performance. CoCoBud A budgeting feature that, based on historical data, projects sales, margins, and payroll by department, as well as income statements, balance sheets, cash flows, ratios, capital budgets and loans for the next four quarters. A manager can then change assumptions to change the projections. CoCoGap This illustrates how much more profit [...]

Promote Culture of Growth by Fostering Great Workplaces

When a business is a great place to work, you’ll find employees who take pride in their work, act in partnership with management, and are motivated to contribute stellar service to the customers. In this way the workplace is transformed into a highly functioning, positive community of people carrying out the mission and values of the business. Businesses that place a strong emphasis on [...]

Case Study: Wheatsville — Where It All Started for Walden

Wheatsville Food Co-op Austin, Texas Founded: 1976 Number of members: 9,000 Equity investment:$55 per household Number of staff: 80 Retail square feet:5,100 One of Walden Swanson’s first co-op endeavors was to manage the Wheatsville Food Co-op. As a native Texan who went to business school at the University of Texas in Austin, his interest in economic and social justice issues deepened. He’d always felt [...]

Case Study: People’s Co-op Builds Teamwork through CoCoFiSt

People’s Food Co-op La Crosse, Wisc. Founded: 1973 Members: 3,011 Equity Investment:$100 individual, $125 household Staff: 114 Retail Square Feet: 16,000 including Hackberry’s restaurant When People’s Co-op in LaCrosse, Wisc. expanded two years ago, Michelle Schry, general manager, knew that her operations needed to not only take an enormous leap, but had to function at a high level immediately. The remodel and extensive expansion [...]

Assessment as Strategic Approach to Co-op Development

In the home economics and woodshop classes of our formative years, there was certainly a bespectacled and beleaguered instructor who continually intoned, “measure twice, cut once” throughout the duration of the semester. On the day all the things were due, nobody could argue with the value of double checking those measurements as the project progressed. Unless you are architect Frank Gehry, mismatched proportions usually [...]

Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Market Research Tools

Everybody knows the old adage about the three L’s and retail—but it’s not just location, location, location that can greatly impact your store’s growth potential. Knowing your trade area as well as knowing and meeting your customer’s needs share equally in the success equation. What your customers really think could surprise you if you are not keeping your finger on the pulse. “The retail [...]

Even More Resources Available for CoCoFiSt Users

If you’ve ever had that post-workshop amnesia—especially acute when it’s something technological—the CoCoFiSt program presenters have a solution. The CoCoFiSt User Manual is now available to CoCoFiSt users on-line for downloading. “At the workshops we hand out copies, and so the website manual is an extension of the workshops. It’s a guide not only on how to get CoCoFiSt data, but also what the [...]