Pro Formas and the New Competitive Challenges

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In the grocery world, we live in challenging times. Costco and Wal-Mart carry organic products. Supermarket chains tout local produce and have a house brand of organics. Home delivery has everyone buzzing; even Amazon is getting into the action. Pro forma financial statements are forward-looking projections of how your co-op will perform given a specific set of assumptions. They are useful in many ways, especially for new stores and expansions where your co-op is headed into uncharted waters.

Getting Started with Expansion Planning

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By Bill Gessner 180 Sept-Oct 2015 Expansion projects for food co-ops fall somewhere between a labyrinth and a maze. With continuous improvement and development of best practices, expansion projects are moving closer to the one path of a labyrinth and further away from the messiness of a maze. We invite you to step into the expansion labyrinth. You will learn to navigate it through [...]

Why (Some) New Co-ops Fail

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By Stuart Reid 163 November-December 2012 The mayor spoke at the co-op’s ribbon cutting, and it seemed like the whole town turned out to celebrate. The local paper wrote excitedly about the new grocery store. The future seemed bright. Nine months later, the fledgling store was begging members for additional cash infusions. Before its second anniversary, the co-op closed its doors. This story is [...]

Evaluating feasibility and planning for success 2

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Learning objectives: the components of a feasibility assessment learn what goes into business planning learn the difference between feasibility assessment and business planning and when each is needed which areas of feasibility and planning require technical expertise  

Preparing For Expansion

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By Bill Gessner 033 March - April - 1991 Losing Market Share? Many of today's retail food cooperatives now have a history of ten to twenty years. Meanwhile, the natural foods industry and the natural foods market that co-ops helped developed has grown dramatically. In many regions of the country, the coops have lost a large share of the natural foods market to privately [...]

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