Why Equity is Part of the Co-op Difference

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Seward Co-op's GM, Sean Doyle, has a passion for finances, and he's here to share his passion with you! Sean discusses some unique lending avenues available to many co-ops and why equity may just be the key to the cooperative difference.

Waking the Sleeping Giant: Recognize patronage dividends for what they are, co-op capital

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By Marilyn Scholl, Joel Dahlgren, Bruce Mayer 148 May - June - 2010 Creating solutions begins with building the foundation for the future you want. One of the remarkable things about cooperation is that mutualism encourages solution-oriented growth, built on a vision of the common good. How profitability and capitalization are handled in cooperatives is an indicator of how much the co-op is actively [...]

Capitalization Strategies for New Co-ops

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By Bill Gessner 129 march - april - 2007 Where we gonna get the grubstake? The 300 food co-op stores in the United States, owned by more than 400,000 consumers, face the continuing challenge of building capital if they are going to continue to grow and develop to serve their members and communities. As much as we might want to ignore this challenge, co-ops [...]

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