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Huddles Not Pinballs

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As the manager of a large prepared foods department decades ago it struck me that I not only had loads of information to share with staff, but that they also had suggestions and best practices to share — and not just with me but, at least as importantly, with one another.

Choosing Your Words

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By Carolee Colter & Mark Mulcahy Intentions matter but so does your choice of words. Certain words can trigger a negative reaction in the mind of the receiver while other words can open up hearts and minds. In general, negative language is demanding and blaming, and emphasizes what can’t be done. Positive language on the other hand focuses on the future, offers choices and [...]

Why Do Marketing and Operations Clash?

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Back when I worked in distribution, the warehousers complained that marketing promised too much to the customer, while marketing grumbled that the warehouse always said no. It’s the same in retail. When conducting employee surveys I often hear comments from grocery or wellness like, “Marketing is trying to run everything but we’re the ones who actually talk with the customers,” and comments from marketing like, “We’re [...]

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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The concept of emotional intelligence is now part of popular culture. Just as we each have an IQ or Intelligence Quotient that measures cognitive ability, some social scientists say we have an EQ or Emotional Quotient. Emotional intelligence (EI) can be defined as the ability to recognize your own and others’ emotions, and to manage your emotions and relationships effectively. You can see right [...]

Are you getting the most out of your management team meetings?

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Look around your management team meeting. Is everyone engaged in the conversation? Or are they looking at their phones as the meeting winds its way through a parade of topics or check-ins? We invest payroll and time in these meetings, so let’s make sure that we leverage that investment into a valuable and productive use of time. It’s good for the organization and for [...]

Engaging your employees starts with asking good questions

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Every employer should be thinking about strategies to stay connected to your workforce. By taking opportunities to engage your employees, you help to ensure they will stay with your business for the long-term. What if you asked your employees how to make your workplace better? What if you knew what they hoped to accomplish in their work with your company? Imagine the possibilities! Group [...]

Telling the Co-op Story

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By Patricia Cumbie 176 January-February 2015 Stories are as old as humankind.  If we didn’t have stories, we wouldn’t have progress or evolution.  It’s how people communicate, organize, and instruct.  Nor could most of us imagine a childhood without bedtime stories.  Our most cherished memories are linked with a vivid story.  As humans, we crave connection and meaning, and that’s why stories can feel [...]

Romance in the workplace

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It happens all the time. Co-workers get attracted to each other and next thing you know…. Workplace romances can impact the productivity and morale of the protagonists and their co-workers. That impact is greater still when a supervisor and subordinate are involved. It happens all the time. Co-workers get attracted to each other and next thing you know…. Workplace romances can impact the productivity [...]

Co-op Leaders Comment on Visibility

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By Carolee Colter, Helena O'Connor 172 May-June 2014 According to 2013 CoopMetrics data, 30 percent of member co-ops in the National Cooperative Grocers Association have expanded or opened a new store in the last five years; and many more co-ops are planning expansions and new stores. Serving more customers in new ways is exciting, but it also adds to the workload of employees and [...]

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