Taking Care of Board Fundamentals

By Joel Kopischke 164 Jan-Feb 2013 As cooperative boards strive for heavenly results, they need to be sure the devil is not in the details. When boards of directors consider their duties—ensuring organizational accountability, setting strategic direction, providing board perpetuation, engaging ownership—the broader strategic initiatives typically are the "juiciest" and draw the most interest, connecting to why people are passionate about co-ops. However, regardless [...]

From Cool Ideas to Cooler Results: Study and engagement supports board strategic leadership

By Joel Kopischke 155 July - August - 2011 Serving on a board has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve done in my life, but it rarely has provided instant gratification. And that’s appropriate—the board takes a long-term view. One of the most important functions of the board is to understand what is going on in the industry and the world that [...]