Spotlight on Safety & Security

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Spotlight on Safety & Security with Mike Feiner and Paul Feiner – part of a three-part series. You can be sure that shoplifter gave a lot of thought to how to get away with stealing; how much thought have you put into stopping it? How does your store organize its overall approach to loss prevention? Who’s tasked with your loss prevention, safety, and security responsibilities? Join us to discuss the component parts of a broad Loss Prevention Program, and how to start putting those in place.

The Problem No One Wants to Talk About

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A client, who I’ll call Mary, is the owner of a small natural foods store. A new bookkeeper had been on the job for several months before Mary studied the bank records and realized $15,000 had disappeared. Mary confronted the bookkeeper, who sobbed that she'd "borrowed" the money to pay her mortgage. Mary was touched by this story. She intended to fire the bookkeeper, [...]

“Better safe, than sorry!”

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If one were asked to summarize an Emergency Preparedness philosophy in a succinct, no-nonsense maxim, "better safe, than sorry" would definitely be it. Defined simply as: "a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action," responding safely and effectively to any emergency requires thoughtful planning ahead of time, streamlined procedures, trained staff, and capable leaders. Planning. Just because you can’t plan for everything, [...]

Co-ops at a Crossroads: A Co-op Security Case Study

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By Michael Feiner, Paul Feiner 194 Jan.-Feb. 2018 Retail grocery co-ops are as quintessential Vermont as the brilliant colors of our fall foliage, the hallmark herd of Holsteins on the pasture, or the one-room schoolhouse at the crossroads of two backcountry roads. In fact, it’s said that Vermont boasts the most food co-ops per capita in the country—somewhere in the neighborhood of 17, give or take, [...]

Safety Training That Works

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An Interview with Paul Feiner As a Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) professional, Paul Feiner works full time as Store Support Manager at Sacramento Natural Foods in Sacramento, CA.  On the side, he and his brother Michael manage a consulting business that helps small businesses develop proactive loss prevention programs to mitigate loss and maximize safety and security. Recently I interviewed Paul about safety training [...]

Protecting People and Assets:  Implementing a Security Plan

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                        If there’s one thing retailers know, it’s that they have to expect surprises and mishaps as a matter of course in business.  Many things can go wrong in a flash, and unfortunately, are not that unusual: power outages, organized shoplifting, workplace injury.  The safety and security of the store’s physical infrastructure, as [...]

Safety, Security, and Loss Prevention: Strategies for success

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By Michael Feiner, Paul Feiner 170 January - February 2014 Food co-ops may be some of the best-intentioned enterprises across the retail spectrum. They are guided by core values of shared responsibility, environmental stewardship, support for more equitable communities, and conscious consumption; it’s hard to imagine a more mindful and ethical social venture. Yet even the best intentions do not make a co-op immune [...]

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