Co-ops as Public Service Providers

By |2019-09-09T18:19:35-04:00March 31st, 2014|

John Sheller, Trustee PCC Natural Markets   Seattle, WA   John shares a unique perspective he brings to his board by way of his professional work as a manager of public libraries in the Seattle region. You may be surprised at how much overlap exists between a public library system and a community-ownd co-op. A fascinating watch!

Cracking open the ‘Serve’ Nut

By |2019-09-09T17:58:51-04:00February 24th, 2014|

We all have an idea of what it means to Serve our Co-ops. In this smart and informative video, Leslie Watson "cracks open the 'Serve' nut" for us and shows us that Service can actually be a much braoder concept encompassing far more than the few of us that agree to serve on a board.  

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